Pri nas lahko sproščajo adrenalin vsi od 3. leta naprej.
Izbirate lahko med:
– kart ENOSED v katerem lahko vozijo vsi, ki v višino merijo vsaj 140 cm;
– kart JUNIOR v katerem lahko vozijo ovtroci, ki v višino merijo vsaj 125 cm;
– kart DVOSED, ki je namenjen za otroke od 3. leta naprej, v spremstvu odrasle osebe.

All the necessary equipment (disposable balaclava and helmet) is available on the site and is included in the price of the drive.

Sports footwear or closed shoes.
Sandali, natikači, crocsi in podobna obutev NI priporočljiva. Mladoletne osebe s takšno obutvijo žal ne morejo voziti.

You can use your own helmet, but it must also protect the chin area.

Of course. You can buy balaclava from us for 1.50 € (including VAT) which you can use anytime and anywhere.


We are located in the upper parking lot of the Europark Maribor shopping center, Pobreška cesta 18, 2000 Maribor (click here).

You can check the working hours here.

Unfortunately, no. The track must be completely dry for safe driving.

Reservations are not required but it is still advisable to check availability before arrival.

Additional information can be obtained at or +386 031 577 581.
You can also follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we publish all latest information and events.